Learn to Play the Piano

Piano & Keyboard Lessons in Powell

At Brennan Music, we offer Powell piano lessons for children and adults of all ages. Whether you are a parent who wants to expose your young child to the art of music, or you are an adult with little to no music experience, piano can be a great instrument to begin with. We can accommodate all skill levels, as we have students who are beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Because we know that everyone learns at their own pace, we work to figure out how you learn best and which teaching methods will be most effective for you (or for your child).

Some of the things you will learn in your piano lessons include:

  • Piano notes, chords, and scales
  • How to read sheet music
  • Correct position of fingers on the keys

Once you have mastered the piano, you will likely find it easier to learn how to play other instruments. That is why the piano is an excellent instrument to start with on your journey of music education. Give us a call at 614-889-9275 to learn more about our Powell music lessons! We serve many customers throughout Powell and Columbus, Ohio.

Our Values

  • Friendly & talented instructors
  • Instructor/Teacher interaction
  • One-on-one instruction
  • Dedication and passion for music and teaching
  • Comfortable and Spacious Studios
  • 30+ years of experience